vlogo2The story is told of a farmer and his family who lived in very poor conditions.In spite of their hard work, their plight was no better because the farmland was very hard and difficult to till.

Years of toil and labor brought no relief.

One day, a stranger travelling from the East asked to spend the night at their poor abode. The farmer and his family welcomed him, making him as comfortable as they could.

At night, as they filed into the tiny hut to sleep, the stranger from the East noticed a massive rock which was used to keep the door wide open.
Upon close examination, the stranger realized this was no ordinary rock, it encapsulated a diamond.

The farmer noticed his interest in the rock as he examined it more closely and told him that was the reason his fields couldn’t produce any good crops year in year out, he said, “It is the bloody rock that won’t let my crops prosper, out back you will find loads of that thing”.

This discovery changed the lives of this farmer and his generation yet unborn.

The discovery of your inner value is perhaps the most invaluable discovery of your life. Understanding that value will definitely turn your life around for good.

At The Value Centre, our goal is to see everyone we encounter come to a full realization of who they are and what they are capable of achieving.

Like the traveler from the East whose arrival illuminated the darkness of this family’s life, it is our goal at The Value Centre to see everyone come to a full knowledge of their potentials, capacity, innate abilities and gifts. But we do not stop there; while the knowledge of the above is important, we also pay special attention to exposing the intricate value of the human potential and exploring ways to harmonize this knowledge with the ability to maximize these potentials.