Masters of Success…with Brian Tracy

The consistent accomplishment of a task or goal over relevant time spectrum will make you a master of success. Note that accomplishment consistency and a relevant time frame are all factors in mastering success in this day and age. While success may sometimes be accomplished through personal experience alone, mentoring will invariably reduce the time needed to master any task. Learning to master skills is as old as the hills and key to our progress. Start today to become the Master of Success for your goals.

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Mastering Financial Success

Over the years, many in their search for success have missed the point for a simple reason. In our bid to understand the secret of success many have missed the most obvious clues. In this pocket hand book on “Mastering Financial Success”, I share obvious but powerful tips that will get you on your way to financial success.

Read them, learn them and practice them.

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The Pursuit of Enterprise

Entrepreneurship is such a delight! We have heard inspiring stories of how an individual or a team get together and set out to solve a problem by providing a product or service and growing same to be a mega company; exciting customers and admirers, leveraging technology to reach out to a global market and staying innovative to be ahead of competitors while at the same time remaining relevant to the markets they serve.

This book is a detailed material for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. It is a manual, a companion and a handbook for anyone ready to take the plunge into Entrepreneurship. Anyone who would sit to read it from cover to cover would definitely engage the entrepreneurial journey with greater insight and ease.

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