13 Mar

…Because Time Doesn’t Stand Still

Sprawled across the latest advertorial from one of our product providers, Generali International. This title really got me thinking.

The passage of time has no regard for any human being or institution (maybe except that one occasion we read about in bible history). 

Time will pass anyway, weather you start that MBA program you have been planning to for 2 years now, whether you start to learn the new language that has been on your to-do-list for the past year or start to fund that savings plan you opened in January. 

The truth is that we cannot control the passage of time, so it is useless crying over how fast time has gone by. The human race is a surviving one, learning to adapt and survive every twist and turn that life brings its way. Its like they say in the jungle; ‘you either shape up, or ship out’.

In life, there are things you have no control over, e.g., the passage of time, the weather, the family you are born into, gravity, etc.

Take gravity for instance, If it were not for gravity, people wont fall down the stairs, planes wouldn’t fall out of the sky and many great disasters may have been averted. But nobody complains about gravity because it just exists. We just accept it and in fact some people have gone a step further to use gravity to their advantage and for fun activities like skydiving, high jump, baseball, golf, etc, all which require gravity.

I am of the opinion that same rules apply to the passage of time; it will definitely happen, so what do we do about it? Don’t stand by and complain or watch it go by, take advantage of what time is at your disposal and use it wisely.

So you just started your first job at age 24, 60 appears to be a long time away but it will pass faster than you expected (ask you retired parents), now is as good a time as any to start a retirement fund. You just had your first child go off to crèche! College looks really far off from the horizon, but it will arrive faster than you ever imagined. Now is a great time to start an education investment fund for your little one.

Whether you are lazy or hardworking, whether you walk, jog or run, whether you are at work all day or you are at home all day, whether you are rich or poor, no matter  how hard you pray, a day can and will never be more than 24 hours. The whole world runs along with this.If anyone remains back, he surely will be described as a loser in his life. You can get more clothes, more friends, more money and more influence, but you can never get more than 24 hours in a day and here in lies the equality of mankind. What differentiates us is what we do with the time we have and how we plan to use the time we have.

I once heard someone say

If you waste time, time will waste you.

It’s a funny thing, but there is an underlying truth; For example farmer has to harvest his crops on time but if he neglects, the birds will eat those crops or untimely rain may destroy it. You can’t afford to neglect time. Even if it’s as simple as reading a book, or calling your mum, do it when you say you will.

As for time, it will definitely pass, the question is, what will you have done with it?

…because time doesn’t stand still.


March 13, 2017 10:44 am

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